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A blog about mindful living, health, parenting and money.

About us


Welcome to our blog. We started this website to share what we are up to. Mindfulness is not only the theme of our content but we try to make it the theme of our day-to-day life. 


At age 28 and 29 we quit our jobs in Ottawa to move to a small Northern Ontario community and retire. We had high paying jobs and fancy titles and enjoyed great careers early in our adulthood because of a good education.  We didn’t retire so that we could bathe in the sun and drink margaritas (although we do that more often than we would have thought).  We retired to be full-time parents.  Caleb (7), Mia (5) and Quinn (2) are our full-time job. Even as we share the job of parenthood, it is the most difficult but also the most rewarding and most exciting job we ever had. 


We plan to use this blog to share insight on our lifestyle (Mindful Living), on how we manage our money (Mindful Money), our parenting successes and struggles (Mindful Parenting) and how we are striving to be a healthier family (Mindful Health). We will also use this website for Mindful Favorites featuring amazing books, podcasts, products etc. worth sharing. 

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