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Well, we did it!


We’ve been really busy lately. We were tired of having to stay at home, so we decided to sell our home. Kidding, not kidding. We’ve considered doing this for over a year now and now seemed like the perfect time. The momentum of the housing market helped our decision as well. 


We actually moved into our RV last week! Our plan is to live in our RV for a year or more. We will camp all summer in Canada and head south for the winter. 


We’ve always been minimalist, but you don’t know how much stuff you really have until you need to downsize to live in a tiny 23’ house on wheels! We didn’t rent a storage container. We didn't even store any furniture with the family. Other than four plastic bins of souvenir items and important documents which we stored in my parents basement, the only possessions we now own fit in our house on wheels. We had a quick closing on our house so we only had three weeks to sell or give away everything we own and make some important modifications to our RV. We did it in less than two. 


We are super excited to start this new adventure and so are the kids! It’s very liberating. 


Here are some improvements we made to our RV, since we decided we would be living in it.


We added 2 end tables and a cube cube storage in the previously empty space. 




We turned the double bed into a bunk bed so each child would have some space. We also added more storage cubes so they could store all their toys. 




We added another storage cube at our feet so we could put our clothes (our bed is a queen in width but nearly 8 feet in length so there is plenty of room). We sure do love them cubes!





It’s crazy and freeing to think that everything we own is in this tiny space! 


We have benefited from some unusually warm spring weather so far. I even jumped in the river on April 17th (a new personal record). Before the campgrounds open up for the season in May, we have been camping at our parents properties. Both of which provide lots of space and privacy. 


Stay tuned for more posts about our adventures this summer. Our first destination will be Alberta. We will be spending over a month exploring the top National Parks of Banff, Jasper and Waterton Lakes. After that we will spend the summer exploring campgrounds around here and visiting as many friends and family as we can. 




“Stay-at-home orders are easy, when your home is on wheels.”

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