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A few weeks ago, I finally decided to set up my outdoor gym. We live in a tiny house, so I don't really have the space for any equipment indoors. I got creative and set up my outdoor gym using things I found around and things in nature. I found this long steel pole and some cinder blocks to use for heavy weights, two logs for dumbbells and a rock I can easily hold. That and a bench and I was all set! 


I love working out outside, I have a beautiful view, and I workout early in the morning so I get to admire the sunrise and listen to the birds at the same time. It has made me realize that starting to workout outside in the winter is probably the best time to start. Think about how easy it will be to workout when it gets warmer out! So if I maintain this habit through the -20s and the 20cms of snow, then I am golden! These last few weeks have really been a test, and I haven’t missed a day so far. Yesterday I went, even though the snow was higher than my boots and this morning I went, even though it was -24. It wasn’t an easy decision to get myself out the door but now that I did this, I feel like there’s no excuse. I can do it! Even if you go to a gym to workout, the winter is the hardest time to push yourself to get into that cold car so if you can do it then, you can do it anytime. 


How have I managed to motivate myself enough to workout outside in the cold you ask? Here’s how:


  1. Find something you love doing so it doesn’t feel like a chore. It doesn’t even have to be long. But the more you love it, the more often and longer you will want to do it. It won’t feel like a chore anymore. I love running in my forest trails with my dog (and my dog loves it) and I love lifting weights. 
  2. You will always feel better after being active, physically and mentally. I am really not a morning person, and I homeschool my kids in the mornings, so I need extra patience to do that. I know that I will feel so much better after my workout. The mornings where I’m dragging my feet because I didn’t sleep well and try to use that as an excuse are the days I need it more. So I just go. 
  3. The countdown 5-4-3-2-1. A wise woman once told me, when you don’t feel like doing something, just count backwards from 5 to 1 and then do it. And surprisingly it works. I’ve had to use it a few times. I don’t know if it’s because focusing on counting makes me forget my excuses or if it’s kind of tricked my brain into knowing this workout is going to happen in 5s. But it works, you should try it!


What activity do you love to do to move your body?


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