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DIY Advent Calendar


This year, I wanted to start our own Christmas traditions and I decided to do this by creating a diy advent calendar. The kids loved the concept of the advent calendar in previous years. It just made their December more exciting. This year, instead of chocolate or things, they are looking forward to super fun experiences!


I could have gotten a lot fancier but I thought of this last minute and the minimalist in me liked the simple approach. I just wrote the numbers 1 to 24 on small pieces of cardboard, about the size of a business card and wrote different experiences on the back. I taped each one, in no particular order, to our organization board and each day in turn one child will find the one corresponding to the date and read it. 


Today is December 1st so the kids were so excited to see what special activity was under the 1. It was to go pick and cut our Christmas tree! It was our first experience with a real tree; we had given away our artificial tree when we minimized to travel in our RV. It was a really fun activity!


Stay tuned on our Instagram page for the reveal of the other experiences!


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