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Now that we are living on the road, I’ve had to start getting more creative with my workouts. The only equipment I brought with me is a set of resistance bands because they are lightweight and compact. I really wanted to bring my heavy weight plates, but it would have added too much weight to our rv. So here we are. 


Caleb loves helping me with my workouts so I have a 50lbs weight with me everywhere I go! We also spend a lot of time at playgrounds so I tend to do my workout there while the kids play. Reggie also occasionally lets me deadlift him, so that makes up for a lot of weight that I couldn’t bring hahaha.







Other than that, we brought our bikes, so we bike as much as we can, and go hiking to explore a new trail on most days! 


Although I’ve been getting by pretty well without a gym, yesterday we discovered the coolest outdoor gym in Canada. Completely by accident at the campground we are staying at. We didn’t even know this gym existed when we booked here. 


This free outdoor cross fit area has everything and the whole family spent an entire hour getting a really good workout in. Reggie and I even did a few timed cross competitions. 





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