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I’ve been in a purging mood lately. So I decided to spice February up a bit by doing a bit of early spring cleaning; you know, since the groundhog announced that spring will come early this year. I am doing a monthly minimalism challenge, as I’ve done before, because I find it freeing to own less stuff. It consists of getting rid of one thing per day all month, either by selling, donating or throwing away.


As humans, we often buy things that we want or think we need impulsively, use it for a short period of time and then store it away. If you look around in your closet, junk drawer or any room in your house, you will most likely find things that you don't use/need anymore. These things used to be money and now they are just sitting there collecting dust. They have also depreciated by now, if they were bought new. Like that new $30 exercise ball I bought in 2012 and haven’t used in 2 years.


It's funny how I consider our family to be pretty minimalist, but every time I go into a purging mood, I always find more things to get rid of. I notice things that I haven't used in a while and think to myself, “well if I haven't used that in a year, I’m probably not actually going to use it”, so I get rid of it. I was keeping that exercise ball, thinking I would use it, but don’t and probably won’t. I sold it today and made $5. It's not much, but it's better than letting it collect dust, and now I have a little less clutter.


I challenge you to either sell, donate or throw away 1 thing each day this month for a total of 28 things. I know we are already the 5th, so you'll need to get 5 done now. Today, on top of my exercise ball, I sold 3 wooden puzzles my daughter was done with, a toy easel and gave away a bag of baby clothes that my baby had outgrown. I’m looking forward to going through my house every day this month to try to find something that doesn't serve me anymore. 


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