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Date Visited: July 2018


At Forillon National park in Gaspé, Québec, we stayed on lot #107 in the Petit Gaspé campground. It was a huge lot with lots of trees, so we couldn’t see any neighbouring campsites. There were a few nice playgrounds where we spent much of our time. There was also a pool, but there was a fee to go in. 


Everyday of our stay at Forillon National Park we enjoyed a different hike.  Our longest hike was the Mont-Saint-Alban trail. From our campsite, this journey was nearly 10km and climbed to an elevation of 245m. Our son, who was 4 at the time, hiked it all without any help. Reggie and I took turns carrying our two-year old daughter on our shoulders everytime we met a steep area of the trail.  Once at the top, the views were amazing. From the highest lookout, we spotted whales, took way too many selfies and then ate our lunch. 


We will definitely be coming back to this National park in the next few years!





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