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Mindful Family Update


As expected with a typical summer, we have been busy.  Although I have many ideas and subjects I want to write about, it has been hard to find the time to write blog articles. Today, I will just provide a midsummer update on what we are up to. YES I said “midsummer”. I’ve heard many people comment lately that summer is almost over. As of writing this (on August 17th) there are 36 days of summer left out of 93 (we still have 39% of our summer left). So it might not be exactly midsummer but it’s definitely not the “end of summer” yet. Go on and put yourself back into summer mode for another 5 weeks. 


Documentary Series: 

In the Spring, we were approached by not one, but TWO documentary shows that wanted to feature us. Both shows will feature our family in a full episode for their series this Fall and next Spring (more details on exact dates of airing will be shared later). 

Coincidentally, both are for French language TV stations in Canada but the two shows have different angles/stories to share about our life. 


So for 4 days in the last month, we were mic’d up and followed very closely by professional TV production teams. It was a cool experience and the kids did great but the days were very long as we had very little breaks from the cameras. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products air on national television and I hope they inspire more people to think of early retirement or even living a non-traditional lifestyle such as living in a RV. 



In the last month we mostly visited campgrounds in Northern Ontario and Quebec. We stayed at Windy Lake Provincial Park where we got to visit and catch up with old friends. We spent a few nights at Restoule Provincial Park where we were followed for one of our TV production engagements. And we spent four nights with many friends and family at La Bannik campground in Ville-Marie Quebec. While not at a campground we got to enjoy the great campsite we have at my parents property on the Sturgeon River. 


We have some more camping booked this month but the rest of our year is still up in the air. We are still waiting to hear what the reopening plans will be along the US border in order to plan our Southern trip this Fall/Winter. 

Going Off-Grid:

Even though we stumbled into the making of two professional level TV productions in the last month, that wasn’t even the craziest thing we did. 


For months now, we have been looking at properties that we could potentially invest money into or develop in the future for our personal use. Prices of houses and rental properties in our region have gone up significantly in the last year but country land and cottages have not seen the same level of increases. 


Last month we identified one property that we really liked and decided to purchase it. It’s a 160 acre, mostly wooded property, on the outskirts of town with many creaks, trails and even a nice camp on it. Our goal is to eventually settle down on this property in the future when we are done travelling full-time in the RV. The property already has a lot of things that will help us however it does not have electrical services. 


So we are looking at different options in order to meet our power and heating needs in the future with solar, propane and wood. We’ve always had a dream of living in a forest and working on becoming more self-sustaining and now is our chance. The land has lots of opportunities that will allow Danielle to have a huge garden and will allow the kids to really enjoy nature. 


We will take possession next month and will park our RV there to start on our many projects until we decide to leave for the South. 


If you have any tips on this subject, feel free to share them. I'd appreciate it. 


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