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This past week our family has two important news items to share.


1. Last summer, a TV crew followed us around for three days while we were living in our motorhome. They featured us in a new TV series that showcases families that live a non-traditional lifestyle. This was the second TV series to feature us.


The episode is very good and has some great scenes of the kids. In one funny clip,  Mia asks me to raise her bed so she could walk around in her (motorhome) room.


Check out the episode online.




2. Over the last eight months I’ve been writing another book and I’m excited to have finally launched it this week. Independently publishing a book is not easy. Writing is the easiest part. For the last two months I’ve been working with editors and designers to have the book out before our busy summer. 


In the book I attempted to understand what happened over the last year in Canada from the perspective of an “unvaccinated” person. The book is not anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine. It’s an exploration of how our country became so hateful, divisive and polarized over this issue. The book might be a little controversial but I believe with time it will become easier to accept. 


Check it out now on Amazon. For a limited time it’s only $13.99 for the paperback. 

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