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It’s been one month since we started living full-time in the motorhome. It’s gone pretty good so far. We’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had enough free time to post regularly.  In anticipation of the upcoming camping season we made some pretty cool upgrades to the motorhome. We also closed on the sale of our last remaining rental property this past week. Since we were planning to travel for at least a year, and because the housing market was very favourable to sellers, we decided to sell our last real estate property and become retired in a more traditional sense. We got a very good price and now all our investments are truly passive. It feels pretty liberating to no longer have any obligations whatsoever, other than our three kids along with our home on four wheels. 


We installed two new 6V batteries along with a 150W solar panel system on the roof so we can be more self-sufficient when we're travelling. This will be very important as we plan on leaving for the West Coast before all these lockdowns are over so we will be boondocking a lot. We’ve been testing the new solar system and it has worked awesome so far. Even with colder nights and a furnace blower running most of the time, the batteries have been able to keep up to our demand. And the solar panels have replenished the batteries very quickly. Most of the time by 10AM. 


We also got two new 30lbs propane tanks installed on the back of the RV so we can go much longer without having to fill up. Lastly Danielle remodelled the interior. She repainted all the walls and cabinets. She added new backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom. And a friend offered to cover our dinette seats with new vinyl fabric which makes them so much easier to clean after our meals (photos to follow). 


We’re not exactly sure when we are starting our camping trip but our plan is still to head West in the next week or so. We put this trip on hold for over a year now so nothing will stop us from camping and exploring now. In Ontario we found many apps and websites that provide us with plenty of spots to camp with the campgrounds closed. We plan to cross Manitoba in one day without stopping anywhere (since they are closed as well to outsiders). Our first major stop will be in the middle of nowhere at Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. We will be 2 hours drive from any towns and there are only 20 campsites so we will definitely not be having any large social gatherings. We will also be camping under one of the darkest skies in Canada and have access to many world renowned trails. We can’t wait. 


Once we hit the road and start camping, things will slow down and we hope to post regularly on our camping adventures. 


Stay tuned!

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